National Institute Of Sowa Rigpa (NISR)

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About Us

About NISR

The National Institute of Sowa-Rigpa is an autonomous Institute under the Ministry of AYUSH for preservation, promotion and development of Sowa-Rigpa as a model Institute for evolving high standards of teaching, training, research and patient care and also to invoke scientific outlook to the knowledge of Sowa-Rigpa System of Medicine. The National Institute of Sowa-Rigpa is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 in Union Territory of Ladakh with its registered Office in Leh town.


  • AIM:
    • To provide quality education, research and health care in Sowa-Rigpa.
    • To provide optimal and affordable medical facility to society.
    • To produce undergraduates, post graduates and Ph.D students in Sowa-Rigpa.
    • To be developed as Centre of Excellence, focused on fundamental Research, Drug Safety evaluation, standardization, quality control and scientific validation of Sowa-Rigpa.
    • To impart reorientation training and continuing medical education to Sowa-Rigpa Physicians and Teachers.
    • To generate awareness about the potential and strength of Sowa-Rigpa and to promote growth and development of Sowa-Rigpa.
    • To provide quality Sowa-Rigpa health care to public.
    • To pursue such other activities and programmes as necessary to promote Sowa-Rigpa.


  • Development of the Institute as an apex human resource development centre of Sowa-Rigpa medicine knowledge with linkages to the current health care system;
  • To generate public awareness about the potential of Sowa-Rigpa medicine practices in disease, prevention and health promotion;
  • To develop linkages with other academic and research institutions in different parts of India and abroad;
  • To publish journals, research papers, brochures, newsletters and text books and to have a documentation and resource centre and maintenance of libraries with latest information services;
  • To conduct intra-mural and extra-mural research on all aspect of Sowa-Rigpa and interdisciplinary research in medicine and sciences related to Sowa-Rigpa;
  • To cooperate with national and international agencies engaged in research, capacity building, documentation, validation, preservation and practice of Sowa Rigpa;
  • To subscribe to, become a member of, cooperate with or work in coordination with any other association or society in India or aboard whose objectives are similar to those of the institute.
  • To develop a comprehensive database of knowledge regarding Sowa-Rigpa system of medicine, Local health practices institutions and personalities involved in these fields;
  • To create administrative, technical, ministerial and other posts under the Institute and to make appointments thereto in accordance with the rules and regulations of the institutes;
  • To accept grants, gifts, donations, securities and movable or immovable property of any kind either from the Central Government or State Government/Union Territory for the furtherance of the objectives of the Institutes;
  • To issue appeals and apply for money and funds in the furtherance of the objectives of the institute and to raise or collect funds by gifts, donation, subscriptions, securities and movable or immovable property and grant such rights and privileges to the donors, subscribers and other benefactors as the institute may consider fit;
  • To acquire, purchase, exchange, lease, hire or otherwise, however, any property, movable or immovable, which may be necessary or convenient for running the Institute and build, construct, improve, alter, demolish and repair such buildings, works and construction, as may be necessary for carrying out the objects of the Institutes;
  • To create an interface between traditional healers and research institutions to explore and validate their claims;
  • To create a platform for the generation of economic opportunities growth through documentation, sustainable harvesting of natural resources, cultivation of medicinal plants, setting up drug manufacturing and community health faculties of traditional and Sowa-Rigpa medicine;
  • To conduct such academic or other courses as may be requires from time to time;
  • To invest and deal with the funds of the institutes;
  • To prescribe courses and curricula;
  • To train teachers in Sowa-Rigpa System of Medicine;
  • To hold examination and grant degrees;
  • In order to promote the said objectives to perform such other function as necessary.

    1. Hon'ble(I/C),Ministry of AYUSH President
    2. Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH Vice-President
    3. AS&AF,Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Ex-officio member
    4. Additional Secretary / Joint Secretary,Ministry of AYUSH Ex-officio member
    5. Director General,CCRAS Ex-officio member
    6. Advisor(Ayurveda),Ministry of AYUSH Ex-officio member
    7. Secretary(Health),Union Territory of Ladakh Ex-officio member
    8 Secretary(Finance),Union Territory of Ladakh Ex-officio member
    9-10. Vice-Chancellor of CIBS,Leh and CIHTS,Sarnath Ex-officio member
    11-13. Non-Official Experts in the field of Sowa Rigpa nominated by the President of the society. member
    14. Director,NISR Member Secretary

    1. Secretary,Ministry of AYUSH,AYUSH Bhawan,New Delhi-23 Chairperson
    2. AS & AF,Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,Nirman Bhawan,New Delhi-11 Member
    3. Additional/Joint Secretary,Ministry of AYUSH, AYUSH Bhawan,New Delhi-23 Member
    4. Advisor(Ayurveda),Ministry of AYUSH AYUSH Bhawan,New Delhi-23 Member
    5&6. Non-Official Experts in the field of Sowa Rigpa (nominated by the Chairman of EC). Members
    7&8. Expert nominated by CIBS,Leh and CIHTS,Sarnath(one each) Members
    9. Director, NISR member Secretary

    1. Director, National Institute of Sowa-Rigpa Chairperson
    2,3&4. Three Eminent Expert and Academician of Sowa Rigpa to be nominated by Chairperson,Executive Council Member
    5&6. Experts nominated by CIBS, Leh and CIHTS,Sarnath (one each) Member
    7&8. Two Senior Professor of NISR Member
    9. Joint Director,NIRS Member Secretary

    1. Additional Secretary/ Joint Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH ,AYUSH Bhawan,New Delhi-23 Chairperson
    2. AS&FA or his representative Ministry of Health & Family Welfare,Nirman,New Delhi-11 Member
    3. Advisor(Ayurveda),Ministry of AYUSH,AYUSH Bhawan,New Delhi-23 Member
    4. An outside expert in Account/Finance Serving Officer in Govt./Autonomous Institute. Member
    5. One Expert on Sowa-Rigpa(from the governing body). Member
    6. Director,NISR Member Secretary
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